It's been 2 years in the making. Muffin Top is a song I wrote for a sketch show I did called "Push" One Mother Of A Show! My husband decided it needed to be a music video. It's about loving your body. 1000 views so far! Hope you like it, it was blast to do! Please share!

You're Probably Tired And/Or Busy So I'll Make This Short...

Winter with children. It ain't all snowflakes and hot chocolate.

One Mom And A Cup....

I love when kids share... is my online social community anchored in the premise that “motherhood isn’t always pretty, but it can be pretty funny.” My continually growing audience of parents has evolved beyond the web and into regular live “TIME OUT” comedy events around the city of Toronto. The MotherlodTV brand has attracted sponsorship from numerous marketers, including several Johnson & Johnson brands and toy manufacturers. (sample below)


Have a look around and drop me your 2¢.


Oh, andf I'm also available for corporate shows and can customize material to accommodate the needs of any event.

Sleeping with my eyes open at some school thing.